Chase is among the globe’s 1st bionic superhumans who was simply genetically manufactured by Douglas Davenport, but elevated by Donald Davenport, Douglas’ older twin.

In Season 1 of research Rats, Leo grabbed Adam, Bree, and Chase and showed them real life, by removing those to class with regards to their very first time.

In period 2, Chase ended up being even more matured, but had been mocked by Adam and Bree. At some point, he (along with his siblings) was required to face Douglas Davenport, his or her true father/creator, that was unveiled in “Bionic Showdown”, and in addition Marcus, Douglas’s android son.

In Season 3, Chase (and Adam and Bree) had to confront winner Krane, a bad bionic mastermind. Chase great brothers and sisters’ information would be revealed around the world by a girl titled S-1, Krane’s direct bionic marine. At some point they and the siblings must experience an entire army of Krane’s bionic soldiers, and set a finish for their attempt to take-over the entire world. After the time of year, he, Adam, Bree, Leo, and Donald see relocated toward the Davenport Bionic Academy to coach Krane’s bionic troops.

In time 4, Adam, Bree and Chase put training students, struggled Sebastian, almost certainly Krane’s lead soldiers, and later discovered Giselle (Douglas’ evil ex-girlfriend), a resurrected Marcus, and her army of androids. Chase and his awesome brothers and sisters additionally encountered Dr. Gao, a mad researcher which only teamed up with Krane, but sought to eliminate humans.

In late time 4 of laboratory Rats, the guy, and also the remainder of his or her siblings, fulfilled the company’s last brother the very first time known as Daniel Davenport. Chase forgotten his or her bionics as soon as Giselle dissolved his processor chip, together with his siblings and so the bionic kids greatest them to have unique potato chips with an upgrade. After the Bionic Soldiers acquired an upgrade, there seemed to be need not educate these people anymore mainly because they were these days gurus, consequently Chase and Bree provided to join the exclusive pressure.

Season 1

Alongside Bree and Donald Davenport, Chase moves inside Davenport structure Penthouse. He or she understands that their particular previous contacts Kaz, Oliver and Skylar register their new employees, and Chase stays objective commander. Chase doesn’t envision most of Kaz and Oliver’s ‘magical powers’, and sometimes tends to make fun that. Chase will take a mentoring character once again, showing Kaz and Oliver a way to get a handle on the company’s superpowers. His or her career as mission head concerned an end in Keep to the frontrunner, as he opts to abolish the career.


Chase is normally described as a smart, fully grown, and responsible specific, but sometimes, he is able to get stringent and bossy. She is responsive to other’s thoughts and is tending, although he or she is proved to be fairly pompous, since he often brags about their intellect. He or she offers a childish area, such taking pleasure in a kids’ TV set system, and taking part in pranks. He’s shown to be most daring, like their brothers and sisters and friends just who he or she demonstrates plenty of look after.

Chase has severe unbelief inside reasoning behind superpowers because unlike their bionics, which you’ll find are a solution of tech which can be explainable, superpowers resist purpose.


Bree Davenport (Bionic Elder Sis)

Bree are Chase’s some older uncle. Similar to most brothers and sisters, these people debate. Whenever Chase functions like he’s filled up with themselves, Bree often sees an effective way to insult him. Although they taunt one another continually, they often determine a way to endanger. In “Bionic Showdown”, any time Marcus was about to move Chase straight down, she pushed him or her away and tried to save your self Chase’s existence. When he came home, she struggled him if you wish to let Chase. In Adam Up these people were babysitting important Perry’s relative. In “Bionic motions champion” Bree cries a tiny bit when this bimbo believes Chase is actually useless, and blames herself for it since she got the individual that presented Troy Chase’s processor schematics. Chase furthermore don’t want to harm Bree, any time Troy got Bree on his clutches. Both of these care about both deeply, and also a pretty close connection Zoosk vs Plenty of Fish reddit.

Donald Davenport (Uncle/Adoptive Daddy)

Donald is actually Chase’s uncle and adoptive father. These are the best away from the four, and also a father-and-son romance. They can be both extremely sensible consequently they are full of themselves. These people matter one another’s aim occasionally, triggering a quarrel, however will be truth be told there for every single some other. Donald are overprotective of Chase, since he is with the rest, but they care and attention deeply when it comes to both as well.

Douglas Davenport (Father/Adoptive Uncle)

Chase and Douglas

Douglas happens to be Chase’s parent. They can be similar and then have a great deal in common, like an old sibling whom mocked these people or took the spotlight. Douglas got protected Chase from an avalanche, and Chase spared Douglas from Krane and defended him against Donald. Douglas in some cases gets Chase recommendations, and wants to let him.


Oliver (Close Friend)

Chase and Oliver be buddys due to them having comparable individuality. Notably, Oliver might be first proper pal he’s had in a little while. In Holding Out for a Hero, Oliver requested Chase for support. Chase helps Oliver with dealing with his or her powers and told your he am proud of him. In electrical power Gamble Chase decided to just let Oliver make use of the account for rejuvenating Skylar’s abilities, since this individual acknowledged Oliver had usually wished to execute this to wow Skylar. Nevertheless this backfired on Oliver as soon as Skylar learn that it was really Chase who had repaired their influence. Oliver happens to be jealous of Chase since, and it has brought somewhat of a rift as part of the partnership, as Oliver are nervous that he and Skylar will be together.

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