Solutions constructed with the Mapbox Maps SDK for Android or iOS can obtain charts of chosen areas to be used after product is short of system connectivity.

Real world maps are of help for applications whoever individuals expect you’ll take a trip through destinations with minimal reports connectivity or who would like to save very well cell roaming rates while traveling offshore.

Making use of the Charts SDK for iOS v 5.3.0 and better plus the Maps SDK for Android os v 8.3.0 and better, there is no upper limit towards range tiles your very own people can install. You are likely to improve the standard 6,000 real world floor restrict to whatever appreciate you desire, the traditional tile utilization is going to be advertised as Vector flooring API or Raster flooring API demands. Assets down loaded for brick and mortar make use of aren’t contained in monthly productive owner (MAU) charging. Since you’re the cause of the sourcing cost of many of the tiles the users download, you really should set the right brick and mortar floor bounds. Look at the outside of the internet charts rate forms for iOS and Android have a look at.


Before the application can download and install routes to use traditional, the Mapbox routes SDKs for iOS and Android os requirement:

In the event that tool supplies each of the previous needs, the Mapbox routes SDK for iOS or Android can obtain the desired tools from Mapbox’s computers and will put all of them habbo coins in a data the product. Obtained assets add:

Ambient caching

The Maps SDKs for iOS and Android also instantly cache ceramic tiles along with other resources which can be asked for during standard utilisation of the application. These assets are actually stored in identical collection as offline guides, but unlike real world information, they’re restricted to 50 MB of space. If this restriction try gotten to, the least-recently put tools that are not contributed by an offline part can be evicted to help space for more modern guides.

Dealing with traditional routes

Because of the Charts SDKs for iOS and Android os, create offline charts, entry the traditional maps stored on this device, and take away offline charts being no longer recommended. Whenever managing the offline areas, recall:

For additional info on cooperating with offline charts, examine the paperwork for Mapbox Maps SDKs for Android and iOS.

Once adding signal layers to a pre-existing place employing the Mapbox Charts SDKs for apple’s ios and droid, you will want to bring further precautions for them to getting obvious outside of the internet:

By expressly saying the font piles and symbol impression name made use of within a dynamically included representation level, you can expect to make certain that the character part would be apparent once the plan happens to be traditional.

Changing offline budget

If system offers internet connectivity, the Maps SDK for Android os or apple’s ios is likely to make regular network needs to revalidate cached ceramic tiles also resources if your Cache-Control or ends HTTP answer headers have actually expired. If a modernized resource is available, it exchange the more aged type when you look at the real world data.

Once the SDK immediately upgrades offline map ceramic tiles, the traditional part is absolutely not re-download from abrasion. The not online tile revise steps is the identical process as with routine map tiles: The chart tile’s only installed if there is an innovative new type of that floor.

Tile threshold & restrictions

An app can get a hold of multiple areas for traditional use, nevertheless full off-line down load is definitely topped at a maximum floor consider (or “ceiling”) across all installed parts. The floor roof is definitely 6,000 ceramic tiles. The full total tile consider in an offline part certainly is the sum of the ceramic tiles saved from each origin in the type. Assuming you want to down load a part encompassing 10 tiles along with your preferences consists of one vector tile starting point and one raster floor supply (see test JSON below), the resultant tile calculate would be 20.

Six thousand tiles covers an area approximately how big better newcastle within M25 at move level 0–15 and the contiguous US at focus ranges 0–9. Large these ceramic tiles on disk can vary as per the chosen design.

To calculate the sheer number of flooring needed to down load a spot outside of the internet, make use of our brick and mortar tile depend estimator. Remember that this just yields an estimation on the range tiles required to fill a precise area offline. The size of the obtain will change in line with the place being acquired and fashion used within tool.

You can build a limitless many traditional regions. Your own Mapbox-powered product will reuse ceramic tiles and resources that are required by several regions, preserving circle customers and disk room.

The Maps SDKs for iOS & Android will not reduce downloading pace of real world areas, nor can they limit the total disk place which can be employed by brick and mortar assets. The successful limitations is determined by the storage space potential associated with the mobile device and also the velocity of the network to which actually hooked up.

Take note our terms of use don’t let your or a finish customer to redistribute offline charts acquired from Mapbox hosts.

Modify the brick and mortar floor restriction per consumer

It really is with the Mapbox terms of service to raise the floor limit into the sticking with forms associated with the routes SDK:

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