7 Maladies That Cause Flu-Like Problems, But Aren’t Flu Virus. Other pests also can result those flu-like symptoms.

Taking into account that flu can dispersed like wildfire among unvaccinated forums, it’s appealing to worry that each coughing, strength ache, and tip of a temperature try an indicator your caught the flu virus.

That is easy to understand, considering that you’ll find a huge amount of some other sicknesses that cause copycat flu-like symptoms, like temperature, cough, runny nose, and problems, among others, per the Centers for disorder Control and protection.

“Any intimidating infection that stimulates the immunity system can [produce] certain exact same symptoms,” explains Cindy Weston, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, associate professor at the Colorado A&M university of Nursing. To put it differently, “most flu virus simply is like a normal cool,” Joseph Khabbaza, MD, a pulmonologist at Cleveland center, says to fitness.

The only method to know for sure you’ve got the flu is to find tested–but you can find slight clues to assist you differentiate between influenza and one otherwise.

Here are some of many conditions that can cause flu-like symptoms, but they aren’t the flu.


Both colds and influenza are viral illnesses, both of them often take place in similar periods, and they’ve got most overlapping signs, including a sore throat and a stuffy nostrils.

The key variation are how quickly signs or symptoms come-on. “A cold typically gradually progresses symptom by symptom over [several] weeks,” claims Keri Peterson, MD, an internist at Lenox slope medical in New York City. “With the flu, the constellation of the signs of large fever, coughing, muscle ache, and serious listlessness comes on in 24 to 48 hours.”

And even though so many discomfort overlap, common colds usually don’t include upper body soreness or human body pains, that are a lot more trait of this flu, includes Dr. Peterson.

Strep neck

The flu and strep throat express many problems, but there’s two you may find from inside the flu but never in strep: coughing and nasal obstruction.

Strep neck could also push bloated lymph nodes, swelled up tonsils, a surface rash, or white blotches about tonsils. None of the try common for the flu.

When your doctor suspects strep, the person will most likely swab the throat and test for the micro-organisms. If the examination returns good, you’ll probably get antibiotics, which can usually get rid of the symptoms rapidly.


Pneumonia may come individually from flu virus or it can be a second problem of getting sick. You may also resemble you’re within the flu virus immediately after which bang–you’re stricken with another infection. “People get the flu virus and maybe actually operating it, and each week or more later on, they’re coming in with pneumonia,” Weston states.

Ordinarily, pneumonia that accompanies or following flu is actually caused by germs might feel managed by antibiotics. With this brand of pneumonia, “the coughing is pretty persistent and unrelenting and often connected with torso serious pain,” Weston says. “The temperature could be low grade or higher. Frequently there’s no food cravings with Making Friends dating site pneumonia, and there may be some one pain.” A pneumonia coughing has also mucus inside it.

Pneumonia that’s perhaps not pertaining to the flu is frequently viral; viral pneumonia is also typically milder as compared to bacterial kinds.

You may even involve some obstruction, coughing, and exhaustion, all of which could point out the flu–but in cases like this, they’re simply flu-like warning signs.

Health practitioners can listen for telltale signs and symptoms of pneumonia by getting a stethoscope to your torso, states Dr. Peterson.


Mono can also be called the “kissing illness” as it can be passed through spit (in conjunction with coughing, sneezing, and sharing items).

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