Raj : ( Confused ) Wwat tip ?? Kya Bakwaas karrahe ho ?

Sanskaar : The Rule of Reading b4 Signing Any Document..Even if their associated with Ur compact issues as well..anb dekho U Signed The files wich i provided U widout Checking out it..abb This data is provided with by Me Ur Biggest adversary very u shud happen cautious na..Hw cud U Trust Me Raj..Come On Jst start The paperwork n see clearly Wat Blunder U make fr Urself by Signing this documents.. (.Smirks )

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Raj who had been all-happy letter Taking pleasure in their success was Shaken n remaining surprise after Checking out The reports letter Sanskaar On The Other Hand is Smiling n evaluating Raj wid a fantastic Smirk on their Face..

Raj : ( surprised ) Wat The Hell !! This is nt The forms of Ur Resignation nor fr Nomination of My personal term fr Up Rising identity running a business World..This are toh .. ( Intreprupted )

As Raj was actually surprised After Checking out da Document He known Another guy taken from Dark destination wid a Bunch of authorities letter couple of significant blog post Ppl about company Community along wid The assess of The circumstances Pertaining to Raj..

Laksh : ( Smirks also ) certainly Exactly Mr Raj Sinha this is certainly da Papers of U Accepting all Ur criminal activity n Misdeeds U invested in attain wat u need.U have actually Accepted all ur criminal activities by finalizing on this reports.. ( Laughs ) Hw Stupid U roentgen Raj..Bhai ended up being Ryt..Jitna Intelligent u imagine Urself na U roentgen increase trick of dat..Hw cn u signal these an Imp documents widout Reading It..This is actually da Most Imp.Rule in Business n Being in a small business industry U Committed These types of a large error..Hw Foolish of U..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) Toh Mr Raj Hw is My personal Another intend to pitfall U..This Tym You will find caught U in further Big Trap..B4 Coming Here You will find Called authorities to take assess of Ur situation letter additionally Told Laksh n Rahul to create High directions of company society so that they cud Hear U on their own LIVE..n see Like we forecast U Accepted all Ur criminal activities by Urself in exhilaration n Nt just established Bt Ur Each letter Every Word are tape-recorded n becoming found on TV as SPECIALIZED n BRKING INFORMATION of TODAY..So U r completely Finished Mr Raj Sinha..

Raj : ( surprised n Speechless ) Kya ?? R u Serious ?? U cnt do that Sanskaar..Sansk aar U cnt manage those to me ?? ( furious n Catches Sanskaras neckband )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) principal Kya Kya karsakta hu u has nt even observed yet Mr Raj Sinha ( Angry too n wanks Raj’s possession frm His Collar ) Sanskaar Maheshwari never ever Fails n the guy Hates losing..Especi ally wen the problem about His families,To their spouse letter teenagers..I cn combination Any Limits to guard one frm each and every Evil sight.Samjhe ?? ( To Inspector ) Inspector need he frm Here n ensure He becomes tight discipline ..

Inspector : Dnt Worry Mr Maheshwari nw he’s got themselves recognized n finalized their own negative weeks forms no body cn salvage Him..N nw toh we now have greater instructions too wid you whom Heard anything..So Dnt stress primarily he’ll become Hanged to demise fr wanting to power an anticipating Lady n to Attempt of kill of 2 simple Ladies n Unborn family..

Sanskaar : ( happy ).Good dats Better..

Assess : Dnt Stress Mr Maheshwari. .i’ll physically read dat the guy becomes Hanged infront of My personal sight..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnk U Soo Much Sir..It should be A Gr8 Help of U..

Judge : the okay..Ur greeting..U have as soon as Agn proven dat U roentgen truly A Man wid suitable cardiovascular system n Big Brains..U truly Deserve The subject of Gr8 company Tycoon..Busines s globe Needs Ppl Like U whom cn do just about anything to Bring Their unique nation bt being in their unique limitations also is a huge package wich you achieved it agn..Proud Of U Sanskaar Maheshwari..God Bless U..

As people one was abt to Leave Raj Intreprupted n requires Sanskaar n anyone a Sincere Forgiveness frm Everyone as He was Regretting letter was experience responsible for their Deeds wat he’s Done wid Sanskaar n their group..He Fell on Sanskaar’s legs letter Apologized To Sanskaar wid Total cardio wid Teary vision.

Raj : ( Guity ) Sssanskaar..M Sorry .I m actually disappointed fr All the Things i’ve completed to U n Ur families n specifically Swara Maine Swara ke saath bahut Ghalat kiya..we required the girl fr bodily partnership even with knwing she’s Expecting..I attempted to hurt Ur infants..M actually Sorry.bt Now wen we spotted My personal all of the Games wich we Played went in Vain n M are Hanged..M experiencing Guilty..we recognized My Mistakes..Wat all i did so to realize My goals went Wasted..used to do Every negative potential factors to Profit bt discover M a deep failing Nw..Even after creating Every Possible affairs M Failed nowadays n U got..M actually Sorry..Plzz Forgive Me..M content wid da discipline we Got..Thnk U fr providing Me this Punishment..we are entitled to this just.. ( Teary sight )

Sanskaar who had been All Hard n Determined in Punishing Raj had been nw Melted n cud See a unique Raj in His sight..So witnessing His Guilt Sanskaar Forgave n Decided to decrease their discipline creating anyone Shocked n amazed Including Raj too.

Sanskaar : ( Melts ) the all right Raj..M happy U understood Ur failure..N concerning Ur abuse ( To Inspector ) Inspector i wish to minimize His discipline frk clinging to 5 Yrs Of Imprisonment..A fter 5 Yrs i shall Bail Him Out n Den are likely to make Raj Strt His lives around Agn in another letter a brand new Way.. ( To Raj ) all right Na ?

Laksh : ( surprised ) Per Bhai..Hw cn U . ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Signals through Eyes ) Laksh..Do U believe me ?

Laksh : ( Blank ) Yes Bhai..OK..

Raj : ( overloaded ) Thnk U Sanskaar..U r Srsly kind-hearted..i shall alwyz become Gr8ful to U..Thnks Alot..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Its alright..Everyone wants One chances..So U also..Bt desire U wont Brk My rely on nw..( Hugs Raj )

Raj : ( Smiles wid Teary attention ) Haa Pakka I wont..Thnks alot.. ( Hugs Sanskaar Bak )

Shortly ended up being Raj had been detained fr 5 Yrs n Sanskaar n Additional Ppl Left n visited Their Respective areas i.e SanLak n Rahul to MM n authorities n people to Police section to Complete Other conformity to make preparations fr Raj’s Punishment..

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