In a previous article, I just explained to you how you can compromise your Nintendodsi to play roms on 3ds, but that’s not the end of it. Believe it or not, there are plenty of other ways you could get your beloved games with your new unit! The really good thing about the more modern consoles from Nintendo is that they come with a selection of flash computer software downloads available that you can install on your unit and play lots of great video games. This is what we will discuss today, and why are so many people are consequently excited about playing roms upon 3ds.

Believe that or certainly not, many people (including me) were skeptical about the Nintendo DSi’s ability to enjoy ds games – specifically considering ps2 roms for pcsx2 that the previous ds video games were so hard to play, and required tons of downloads and installs! Although after doing a lot of homework, we discovered that all it takes to get your most desired DSi video games to work with your new unit is to just transfer them over using an SD card. You’ve probably performed this ahead of if you acquired an old Nintendo DS, and it’s really actually really simple. The best part about transferring your DSi games is that it is rather easy, and doesn’t require you to know anything about programming or perhaps anything — it’s as simple as adding it into the SD card reader, and pushing “ok” on the DSI itself.

By installing the correct software, you are able to load up your Nintendo dsi memory cards with enough space for any long term future backups, and then let your pc do the slumber. You could actually load up on your pc and use it as an external hard disk drive, meaning that you can create your DSi handheld system with you wherever you go, without the need for consistent cabling or compatibility problems. This is what manufactured the homebrew DSi roms so desirable – it was as if you had an entire laptop inside your DSi handheld system! This compromise makes it even easier, since the software is already create to read all of the data files on your Sdcard.

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